Architect Yasef Osman speaking at the memorial objects hand-over event.

On October 17, 2017, in the meeting room of Board of Trustees, Shawkat Osman’s son Minister of State for Science and Technology architect Yasef Osman handed over the personal belongings of the famous writer Shawkat Osman. Minister for Cultural Affairs Asaduzzaman Noor received the commemorative items on behalf of BNM.

After handing over of the objects, Yasef Osman said Shawkat Osman is not only our family member, he is one of the illustrious sons of Bengal. To safeguard his memory these deposits should remain in the museum collection.

Asaduzzaman Noor said, though BNM has build up a huge collection of historical objects, it is lagging behind in accumulating objects linked with literary history. Literary enthusiasts would benefit immensely after this hand-over of Shawkat Osman’s belongings to BNM. This will also open doors for the public to a greater understanding of literary personalities.

Earlier at BNM, there was a discussion event on the writer which came under the rubric ‘Writer Shawkat Osman: His Life and Work’ alongside a three-day exhibition of the memorial objects at BNM lobby.


List of objects handed over to BNM

S. Commemorative objects No.
1 Manuscript 1
2 Books 9
3 Blazer 2
4 Vest 2
5 Night Gown 1
6 Overcoat 1
7 Trousers 1
8 Panjabi 1
9 Medals 1
10 Spectacles 1
11 Letter 6
12 Postcard 3
13 Crest of Phelps Award (1990) 1
14 Hospital Receipts 1
15 Fatua 1




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