Deputy Minister of Finance of Uganda, Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune appreciating Zainul Abedin’s Famine Sketches.

The month of October saw an influx of Bangladeshi and foreign visitors in BNM. Among the foreign visitors there were an American teacher Samuel Johnson, researchers from Tokyo University, Japan, Otsuka Masu and Maika Yawasiki, a group of 80 led by an astrologer for the Jyotipal Mohather Foundation of Thailand, Ugandan Deputy Minister of Finance Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune, eight member Chainese team from the Fujian Tietuo Machinery Co. LTD, four professors from G. Wang Dong University of China, manager of Huawei Mobile Company Xienan.

Among the local dignitaries the Director General of Pran RFL Group Bikash Chandra Bhowmik and his wife, Managing Director of People’s Ceramic Quamruzzaman Liton and a two-member foreign delegate.

Director General of BNM Faizul Latif Chowdhury; Keepers of BNM Dr. Niru Shamsun Nahar, Noor E Nasreen, Dr. Shihab Shahriar; Education Officer Sayeed Shamsul Karim; Guide Lecturers Iqbal Hassan, Laki Begum, Shapna Karolina Halder, Md. Sohel Masud and Shukanto Barua facilitated the visitors.


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