Minister for Information Hasanul Haque Inu speaking as chief guest.

The heart of poet Shamsur Rahman was hemmed in by the very essence of Bangladesh. He cast an authentic eye to this country which no one else could emulate. He will live a life of eternity amongst us through his work. A major Bengali poet, Shamsur Rahman’s 89th birth anniversary was celebrated at BNM with due reverence. The event occasioned the above reflections by the discussants at the commemoration event. A photography exhibition was also inaugurated following the discussion.

Under the rubric of ‘Poet Shamsur Rahman: His Life and Work’, the discussion was organized by BNM at Kabi Sufia Kamal auditorium. A total of hundred photographs by internationally renowned photographer M.A. Taher were amassed at the exhibition at the lobby of the main auditorium.

Minister for Information Hasanul Haque Inu MP inaugurated both the discussion event and exhibition as chief guest. Poet Mohammad Nurul Huda discussed life and works of Shamsur Rahman while poet Habibullah Siraji and poet Nasir Ahmed along with feature editor of daily Shamakal Mahbub Aziz took turn in reflecting on the poet’s achievements.

Minister for Information with the photographer and guests during inauguration.

Hasanul Haque Innu, in his address, said Shamsur Rahman was an urban poet, he could easily address the social, political, and economic realities of his time. His poems are a testimony to people’s hopes, despairs, disappointments, and the upheavals that had shaped this land.

Mohammad Nurul Huda opined that Shamsur Rahman was, from the outset, focused on individual emotion as well as the nation and its people. His poems easily became a mouthpiece of the national consciousness. It is necessary to cast an objective eye on his life’s work alongside making an unveiling of the poet’s persona and his poetic acumen, Habibullah Siraji pointed out. Nasir Ahmed said the poet was able to touch on every aspects of human life through his works while Mahbub Aziz underlined the element of romantic love, patriotism, resistance in Shamsur Rahman’s poems.

Chair of the event Hedaytullah Al Mamun said that Shamsur Rahman is a poet whose works transcend his lifetime, and the core ideas he dealt with can be considered as the essential literary elements of our times.


Director General of BNM Faizul Latif Chowdhury said alongside programmes focused on collection and preservation of historical objects BNM is keen to initiate programmes highlighting the lives and works of literary personalities. The aim is to make the new generation familiar with the great poets and writers.

The discussion session ended with the minister inaugurating the photography exhibition which ran its course till November 5, 2017.



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