Around 1338 visitors were from Educational Institutions

Children from Dhaka Adventist Pre-Seminary and School appreciating cultural relics at BNM.

The month of October saw an influx of 49075 visitors at BNM. Among them 41905 were from the SAARC countries and 289 from other foreign nations. Also, there were 6881 children of different age groups among the visitors.

Additionally, under the regular Education Programme of BNM, 1338 children from schools and educational institutions as well as children cultural organisations visited BNM creating the possibility for school and college-going children to see the museum collections. The organisations included Iqra Bangladesh School, ASA university Bangladesh, Sir John Wilson School, Ideal College, Stamford School and College, Amirjan High School, University of Development Alternative, Talimul Ummah Cadet Madrasa, Prothom Alo Model High School, Amra Korbo Joy, Dhaka Adventist Pre-seminary and School, Stamford School and College, Shaheen Kindergarten and Preparatory School, Khairchar Mahmudia Alim Madrasa, Future Mind Model School, Sawtul Quran Madrasa and Bottomly Home Girls’ High School.

The Guide Lecturer of Education Department of BNM assisted in gaining knowledge on Bangladesh and world civilizations.


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