Afsana Runa rendering songs at her solo musical programme.

On October 6th, 2017, Afsana Runa presented her solo musical soiree as part of the regular musical programme at BNM. A teacher at Chhayanaut and Nazrul Institute enthralled the audience with her vocal style.

A regular artiste in BTV and Bangladesh Radio, Afsana Runa was tutored by ustad Anwar Hossain, ustad Chaimud Ali Khan and ustad Rabiul Hussain. Later she received training in Nazrul song at Chhayanaut School of music. She was persistent in her quest for attaining excellence and has received further training in dhrupad, a genre of Indian classical music under the aegis of Khairul Anam Shakil and Ashit De. Afsana has to her credit few published albums of modern Bengali and mixed songs.


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